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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Got the rest of thw weekend to update you on and the start of this week so better get started.

Saturday night: went to Jo's house and watched the Sum of all Fears. Film wasn't really great but I had a great time anyway.

Sunday: Mother's day- got mum a cd of old songs that she wanted. Sang in church on Sunday night then went to youth fellowship afterwards. Was v good. Went to Grace's after that for tea and toast.

Monday: School was pretty boring but in the evening i went to Newy with Quiz team for dinner and cinema. Lovely meal in Springsteens (more to be told in a while) then saw Starsky and Hutch again. It's pretty good. Won £3 on the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire machine afterwards. Good fun on bus too.

Last night i woke up at about 3am feeling v sick. Was determined not to vomit but I failed miserably. Felt better after it but woke up tired and feeling a bit off this morning.

Today was working in Graham's Hardware for their stock taking. Not very interesting but will get paid so not all that bad.

Have a text processing exam tonight so better go and look over some of the stuff for that then watch 24! Missed it last week(grr).

Oh and Jo is going on the YF weekend now so I'm happy.

Saturday, March 20, 2004
Was at party/disco thing last night. Was pretty good fun. YMCA was prob the best. Jo looking lovely as always. Grace still a bit upset about Mark but I think she's getting better.

Up at 10.30 this morning and left for hockey at 11.30. Was playing outfield instead of goalie today. We lost 4-3 but I scored. Tap in at the back post but a goal none the less.

Have to decide on a video for me and Jo to watch tonight.
Friday, March 19, 2004
Hi, how are you, I'm Michael. I'll tell you a little more about myself when i have time.

Had a busy day today. No free periods in school at all. Started off with double geography and i swear, that woman has no clue what she is talking about. She can't pronounce the word carnivorous. At least she was mocked for that.

After that had single English with Miss Taylor. Was pretty boring and she didnt speak for about 25 mins, just wrote stuff on board for us to take down.

Break Time: Had meeting about the Musical oscars. trying to sort out how we are getting from youth weekend to it and back.

Had double English with Mr Cowan. Wasn't all that bad. First period we didnt do a whole lot and second we talked about critical opinions of ASND. Well I listened well certain people talked crap.

Maths: Nothing exciting really until Kirker's periods. Firstly he decided a question was too hard so just wouldnt do it then got angry because we were all late back after lunch.

Lunch: Best bit of day so far. First Alex blocked on school computers cos librarian thought he was looking at porn and then David was trying to jump on top of a huge pile of chairs. He was a hero for a day. Ten's of people cheering him on.

Chemistry: Supposed to be doing egg experiemwnt but Helen got the stopper stuch on the conical flask so we did nothing as usual.

Came home and played Baldur's Gate 2 until tea time. Nearly out of Spellhold thank goodness.

Played Daniel at pool in the garage after tea (had chicken, chips and sweetcorn) and beat him 3-1.

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